How to Start a Mental Health Club in Your School

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Greetings Fellow Mental Health Advocates!

 Here you will find helpful information about mental health topics, important points of discussion and how to book Hakeem to inspire your audience.
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How to Start A Mental Health Club
In Your School
Do you have students that are interested in mental health
and they would like to form a club?

As a health teacher, administrator or social worker what do you do? Where do you start? Learn about where to begin, current clubs out there, and how you can showcase your club’s achievements.

Quick Logistics

The first and probably obvious logistical part is finding out what is your school’s policy on forming a club? After checking your school’s rules and criteria, you’ll have your outline for forming a mental health club. Let’s dive in.

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Bipolar Disorder Unmasked –
Candid Conversations about Mental Illness

To successfully live with mental illness, it is important to accept that the potential for relapse is a part of our reality. At the same time, accepting the potential for relapse does not mean you should focus on “not relapsing.”  Instead, it is important to have a recovery focus.

Developing a recovery focus has two components. The first is to understand wellness is an process and not a destination; we must arrive over and over again. The second is to live in a constant state of recovery.  A constant state of recovery means being intentional about self-care.

In this video, I talk about these two different components.

And in this video, I talk about the perspective I have taken when it comes to relapse.
How do you understand relapse? Share these videos and get other perspectives.

As always, if you need immediate help call you doctor or 911. Some resources and  I am sharing my thoughts from my lived experience and I am not a medical professional.

However I am yours in wellness,


Take a look at my new intro video! This video highlights my congressional testimony, my poem Its Not Those Days and several quotes of support.

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