Breaking Through Stigma: The Highs and Lows of Mental Health 

Program Summary

A 45-minute interactive assembly presentation for high school and middle school students to learn about mental illness and experience a first-hand inspirational mental health success story. Students will gain insight that proper support from helping professionals, friends and loved ones can lead to good outcomes when faced with mental illness. Hakeem shares his personal story of mental illness, recovery and wellness. In addition to Hakeem’s message of resilience, his presentation includes valuable information to raise awareness and decrease stigma around mental illness.

Target Audience: High Schools, Middle Schools, Alternative Schools

I Am Acceptance College Tour Presentation

Program Summary

What would it be like if there were no more suicides on college campuses? What if someone struggling with depression and anxiety was compelled to reach out without fear of being stereotyped or stigmatized? What would it be like if university staff were equipped with the knowledge and resources that could make the difference for someone struggling?

The Tour responds to these questions by engaging college students in mental health conversations. Through the conversations, the tour shares three critical messages:

  1. It’s ok to talk about what you are going through

  2. There’s no shame in seeking help

  3. There is hope if you are diagnosed with a mental illness


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Target Audience: College Orientations & First Year Experience; Mental Health & Wellness Programs

Bipolar Disorder Unmasked: Living, Loving and Thriving in Mental Wellness

Program Summary

In Bipolar Disorder Unmasked, Hakeem Rahim shares his personal journey from mental illness to recovery and wellness. In this keynote, Hakeem dives into his personal journey, shares key life lessons learned from living with bipolar disorder and breakdowns his unique perspective on recovery: The Wellness Arch ™. Hakeem rose from struggling with illness in college to become a leading mental health advocate. In this talk, your audience will learn Hakeem’s key concepts around recovery, wellness and acceptance and how they can use those concepts to empower themselves or the people they serve.

Target Audience: Mental Health Conferences, Mental Wellness Keynotes